Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"Are you SURE you understand what it would mean?"

she asked her grandmother. Grandma was 78, skinny, bony, with tight white curls close to her ancient skull. "I mean, come on. How could you even DO this?"

"I want to be a cougar," said Ethyl, slapping a beringed hand to her sunken, boney chest. "I can do this."

"Come on," said Ruby, rolling her eyes. "First off, you have to have a TON of sex."

"Sounds good," said Ethyl with a sigh. She rubbed a hand over her lower belly. "She's been hungry for decades."

 "All right," said Ruby, thinking of it and suddenly realizing that really didn't sound so bad after all. "I think what I meant was, look at your age. You'd be having sex all day with young men-" and she had to stop there herself. Where was the bad point in all this again?

"That's what I'm saying," said Ethyl with a smile. "And at my age, I don't even need to sha


  1. Your stories are really good my friend...can't 2ait and see what you put down tomorrow☺👍

    1. Well, I'm good at situations, people, and oddly, dialogue... plot and such kinda escapes me :) Thank you so much for the very kind words!