Saturday, May 27, 2017

Well, life is now very painful

and getting worse. I am out of cannabis- no bud, no oil, no tincture. My body hurts a LOT more and it's going downhill fast.

I used to be on TWENTY EIGHT different STRONG prescription meds for fibromyalgia and pain, including 45 mgs of methadone. I replaced 27 of those meds with cannabis and now my methadone is down to 15 mgs.

When I have no cannabis, that is very bad, very fast.

Last night was the last of my cannabis. I am shuffling when I walk and my left leg is VERY bad; my hands are very bad; I suspect I will NOT be sleeping tonight.

And it's ONLY going to get worse, fast, as the THC level in my blood continues to fall. I'll try to keep you all informed- depending on well I can type since my hands hurt a LOT and they go downhill FAST...

1 comment:

  1. Hope you can get your hands on some soon and feel better! Much love from Texas.