Monday, July 3, 2017

I actually find my subscriber count kind of SCARY :)

I went into my channel with only the thought of staying busy- keeping alive, getting out of my head and involved with the world again. I figured I'd get maybe 5, 10 subscribers and I was cool with it.

And my channel actually grew! I kept adding subs until I crossed a thousand subscribers! It was amazing- and still is!

And NOW I'm getting close to ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND subscribers! Hokey Smokes! That is a SCARY number for someone with moderate social anxieties :)  I am INTENSELY grateful to each and every person that has subscribed to my channel and I always will be... but Hokey smokes, that's a BIG number... :)


  1. You deserve at least 500k subs William ;)
    I'm so happy that you're close to 100k - keep up the good work!
    No... keep up the AMAZING work! :33

  2. same here good job m8!!!!!!!!!