Monday, June 26, 2017

I didn't sleep all that well last night-

maybe 1 1/2 hours, waking from pain and then trying to rest for another 1 1/2... but I am feeling pretty happy today :) Done 4 videos for the channel and fighting the urge to go make a FIFTH video! I don't work; I don't have a job; I broke my body and mind working as a nurses aide and my wife dying not 10 years after that sort of finished the job. I paid my taxes until 2006 and I still pay them now- just because I am on disability doesn't mean I don't pay taxes on everything. But I have been on disability since.

Nursing is worse for your body than crab fishing or coal mining. And I don't say that as a goof- I say that as someone who has read a bit and heard some about how a gov't agency (the CBO?) did an independent study on back injuries and found out that worse than almost everything was- nursing. I am also making fun of myself in this comment, as "I sorta remember" and "Maybe I heard" are NOT verifiable sources... but I AM happy enough with my memory that IF you google search on it, I DO believe I will be vindicated :)

But hey :)

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  1. That's good you are happy. What I'm saying... that's GREAT! :)

    When you're happy I'm happy too.

    I'm going to sleep so... have a GREAT day!