Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Let us have a thought experiment here.

Let us say you live with another person in an apartment. You both have your own bedrooms, and you share a kitchen and a living room. Inside your bedroom, you have a box of stuff that doesn't fit into your closet. So you put it into a corner of the room. It's not bad- it's just a box in the corner fo your bedroom.

Now let's say that that box, in your bedroom, pisses off your housemate. This other person would NOT even know you have a box out of place in your bedroom that you DO NOT SHARE with this person. And you keep your bedroom CLEAN. But every time you see this person, they give you a hard time about how MESSY your room is because they hate mess and you have a BOX in your room.

And that at LEAST twice, this person YELLED in your face about how they KEEP GOING INTO YOUR ROOM and it's a MESS because there is this BOX in the corner of your bedroom.

Welcome to my life! :)

My housemates WILL NOT STAY out of my bedroom. My room is CLEAN but I have stacks of STUFF. I use my bedroom as STORAGE and a sleep room. It is CLEAN but cluttered.

And I CANNOT KEEP my female housemate OUT of my room and YELLING at me because SHE thinks my room is a mess. Because it's CLUTTERED.

Easy fix :)


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  1. Hi Will
    Your housemates probably don't understand the meaning of a word "cluttered" and "mess". CLUTTERED and MESS are two different things.


    If I were you... You don't want to know what would happen. Trust me, you don't :)

    Have a GREAT day as always! (And of course thank you so very much for a shoutouts!)