Sunday, June 18, 2017

It was about a year ago, or so,

my formal introduction to vore and women being swallowed whole and entire by hungry snakes which then digest these swallowed women alive.

None of us have control over our internal wiring. No one understands WHAT makes our systems WORK the way they work. One man's meat is another man's poison, as the old saying goes and it is true.

I dunno WHY I find pictures of women being swallowed whole by snakes, hungry snakes who are then going to digest these swallowed women alive, exciting. But boy, do I. Swallowed women being digested alive by giraffes; swallowed women being digested alive by fish; swallowed women being digested alive by- well, you get the idea.

WHY? And why did I have to find the picture that started this whole thing? :)

Life. Life is life :)

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  1. Life is an empty book.
    It depends on us what it will be.

    Have a GREAT day my friend! :)