Sunday, June 25, 2017

The past 2 nights have been kind of rough

because my housemates have gone to a concert on Friday afternoon and have been gone since! Now I've been alone for 2 nights and I discovered I STILL get mass anxiety when I am alone. Sigh.

Because of my social anxieties, I don't like being around people and I seek times and places where I am alone. But when I am alone, I quickly start hearing my own thoughts bouncing off the walls... going stir-crazy in a VERY short period of time, and NEEDING social contact... I can't be happy in ANYWAY situation I find myself in :)


  1. I was also suffering from social anxiety. It was not a good experience. But now it's over.

    Anyway... I prefer to be alone. :)

    Have a GREAT day Will!

    1. It'd when I literally hear my inner thoughts bouncing off the walls is when I worry- and actually, it only takes about 12 hours before that starts to happen :)